Permit Application

Please note

  • A permit is required to drive or use a motor vehicle in the Coastal Conservation area along the Transkei wildcoast from Kei Mouth up to Port Edward, and even then there are specific areas that access is given to.
  • There are 3 regional offices (East London, Mtatha and Kokstad) that govern this coastline.
  • A fine of up to R2500 can be imposed on those who are found to be driving the coastal conservation area without a permit.
  • A lead time of 15 working days is required for the application to be processed so please make sure your application is submitted in time and emailed to the correct office. I have however found that they generally respond within a couple of days.
  • Each of the regions have their own application form and requirements as specified below.
  • Maximum period for permit validity is 1 month.

Amathole Region – East London office: (043) 707-4068 / 4000 –

  • Covers: Kei River mouth to Lubanzi falls
  • ‘The Wilds’ falls under this region.
  • Form used: APPLICATION – APPLICATION – TRAVEL CCA – Amathola district
  • Completed form can be emailed to: 
  • Only the form is required.
  • The wildcoast is a beautiful part of our country hence you may decide to explore further north or south of Mpame, so suggest that your permit application specifies the area from ‘Lubanzi to Bulungula’ to visit, which are reasonable distances away.

OR Thambo Region – Mthatha office: ( 047) 531-1191

  • Covers: Hole in the Wall to Mtentu
  • Form Used: CCA Application Form 2013 (3) (9)[20602]
  • Completed form can be emailed to:
  • If sight seeing then you will need to attach: Copy of ID & a Map of areas visiting (Can use google maps). Please specify the words Sightseeing under the ‘Purpose’ heading.
    • If your visit includes fishing then you will need to attach a copy of your fishing license.

Alfrend Nzo Region – Kokstad office: (039) 727-3273 / 3257