Making a difference

The Bread Project

This is an initiative started a few years ago, which is to provide a loaf of bread twice a week to households within the Mpame community. To-date we supply a total of 17 families but wish to extend this even further and to increase the provision to 3 times a week. Poverty in this area can be described as persistently chronic. People really struggle to make ends meet, surviving mostly on welfare contributions and what they are able to extract from their vegetable gardens. It’s a sad reality but true that most families live well below the poverty line.

The intention of this initiative is to bring some relief to these impoverished households through the provision of a loaf of bread and other planned community upliftment interventions. It really is amazing and humbling to see what difference a loaf of bread can make.

We currently purchase the bread from Premier Foods based in Mthatha (Eastern Cape) who also do the delivery. The cost to sponsor a family with bread 3 times a week per month is R102.00.

If you feel lead to join us in expanding this initiative we would be very grateful. Your contribution will definitely make a much-needed difference in the lives of those that have no means to improve their socio-economic position; and for me that’s what life is all about, Making a Difference. You are most welcome to sponsor one or more families or alternatively to make a donation that you are comfortable with.

If you would like to know more about this initiative please contact Wayne on 0835767901 or alternatively inbox him at

School Project (Details to follow)

Sports Sponsorship (Details to follow)